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Challenging year behind us, changes ahead in 2019

The Queen’s gold mask, viewed while on our recent investment and Immigration promotion trip to Egypt.

As 2018 draws to an end, the Immigration space in South Africa as well as Globally, has been filled with many challenges in quite a few countries. The news is full of incidents and political posturing regarding the role of human migration and the impacts related to this topic. We have Brexit, the US issues, and closer to home, the SADEC countries have economic and political challenges which have inward and outward migration.


In South Africa, we have current and future changes to legislation pending with:


1)      An update to the Immigration Regulations, which has been announced by the Minister of Home Affairs, due in December 2018 (currently in draft form at ;

2)      An update to the Critical Skills List, which has been anticipated as an improvement to the current list, which has restricted the skills required by the economy from being recruited into SA.


We monitor the environment daily and will always provide updated information to our clients to ensure compliance.

On the business front, we had had many enquiries and applications from all over the globe and recently visited our office in Cairo, Egypt, as well as Kuwait.


We look forward to assisting these clients with brining their skills and investments into South Africa.


Leon Isaacson

Managing Director
Global Migration SA


Corporate Services

The Global Migration group has been offering inbound and outbound migration services to South Africa and a range of other countries including the UK, EU and African countries. Our services cover visa applications for all staff and family members, relocation services, policy development and writing and high-level strategic advice on migration to approximately 100 countries and territories. For a detailed document on the services, please go to

The Updated South African Immigration Handbook 2018/19

The Updated South African Immigration Handbook 2018/19, which deals with the latest South African immigration updates and issues up to 2018/9, is available for purchase online via


TRAINING COURSES 2018/9  for HR managers and staff are available as public or in-house courses.Please see for the dates for 2018/19. The 2019 course includes updates to the legislation from 2018/9 as well as :
  • To understand key principles of SA immigration legislation
  • To understand terms and concepts relating to SA immigration legislation
  • To be aware of recent changes in SA immigration legislation
  • To explore roles and challenges in the implementation of SA immigration legislation
  • To understand SA Labour Law that impacts on expatriates
  • To understand tax implications for expatriates in SA
  • To explore banking legislation impacting on expatriates
  • To explore expatriate policy development and implementation: benefits and compliance
  • To explore Expatriate Management best practices
  • Intercultural Learning: Planning for Assignment Success
Please see for the dates for 2018/19.

Consultations, Briefings and Training in 2019:

Please feel free to contact me at any time and will assist you wherever we can. Best wishes for the festive season and a great 2019 ahead.

Should you have any further queries or wish to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 419 0934 or

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