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South African Immigration Policies and Laws are changing


One of the constants in our lives as business people and private people, is change. The field of Immigration and Relocation, sometimes called Mobility, is no exception. The issue has been conflated, confused and politicized and the media often offer a distorted perspective based on short term and spectacular events, which are not indicative of the broader issues. We offer a factual and sober perspective to people who work in this field.

We have been in the business for over 15 years and service small medium and large companies and individuals from all over the world. Our clients include JSE, FTSE, NYSE EU and other stock exchanges. To navigate the changes and to ensure continuity of personnel and business, we have adapted our service offerings based on client requests.

Leon Isaacson


Our new service offering

I have been practicing for over 12 years and run the only in-house and public training course on SA Immigration and Expat Management offered in South Africa, through which we have trained over 3000 professionals in the last 10 years. We have 18 staff members with 6 registered practitioners in our offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Cairo (Egypt). Our practitioners have over a 100 year of experience in this field. I supervise all the advisory work with qualified partners and hold registration with FIPSA and DHA. We service several locally and internationally listed and private companies, and references are available on request.
Key features of our updated services include:  
  • Expert Advice and Processing Services with respect to all South African and other listed country Visa and Immigration applications;
  • Training and information on new policies and laws related to bringing in and sending foreign skills to other countries;
  • African Visas: Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia;
  • Business visas for the UK (Brexit is upon us!);
  • Immigration Compliance audits;
  • Recruitment of Critical Skills applicants and assistance with placement in South Africa once they have visas;
  • Company establishment in SA: registration, advisory, visas and permits, licensing;
  • Setting up bank accounts for companies and individuals;
  • Relocation services for staff to South Africa;
  • Expat car hire in South Africa: Long term and lower rates;
  • Customised retainer services based on selected requirements;
  • Other services on request.

Our field of expertise is Immigration and Relocation

We are able to deal with all of your South African Immigration requirements as well as several other countries. Based on current requirements, we offer a solution with a retainer service for 12 months at a time to cover all of the updates of policies and laws, advisory, training and supervisory issues. This will include one training day per annum at your premises for up to 3 colleagues, an initial immigration audit of your current staff, a plan for future permit/visa requirements, data management including weekly reports on application progress, expiries and updates included. Updates on changes to policy, laws and regulations are offered daily, weekly and monthly. Questions are welcome at any time. Please let me know how we can be of service to you and we will contact you for an appointment to discuss your specific needs.

Download our new service offering

Download our detailed brochure for our New Service Offering at the below link:

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